National Novel Writing Month

Hey everyone! Happy Halloween and happy fall! I hope you're all enjoying your sweater weather, hot cocoas, school year stress, and spooky movies. And the upcoming chaos that is November. If you don't know what that means, let me explain. November is known as National Novel Writing Month, in which many authors challenge themselves to … Continue reading National Novel Writing Month


Announcement time

Hey everyone! So, I know I've been absolutely awful at remembering to update this blog, and I do promise that I'm trying to do better about it. The next post I upload will be writing-related, I swear. But I just need to tell you about something that's been sort of dominating my life for the … Continue reading Announcement time


Guess who's decided to stop giving a fuck about politics and start concentrating on their writing???? Not me. Definitely not. Whoever that is, I admire and fear them, but they are not me. That being said, I know that I can't let my fears about the impending collapse of the world stop my work, because … Continue reading Submissions


I was originally going to call this post "Lee is always depressed and anxious and crying and a complete useless wreck who wants to die," but that title was too long. So instead, I decided to keep it pretty simple. Stress! What's more relatable than being stressed? What author hasn't experienced the nail-biting, lip-chewing, lying-awake-at-night-staring-at-the-ceiling-in-a-panic … Continue reading Stress