Mental Health and Writing

Hey everyone! So, I am by no means the first or only person to do this, and I'm sure that others have been far more eloquent on this topic than my baby self can be. But this is an absolutely essential thing to talk about, and given that it's Mental Health Awareness Month, now seems … Continue reading Mental Health and Writing

Impromptu hiatus– status update

Hey guys! This isn't gonna be a very long post; I just wanted to apologise for the accidental hiatus that I took from the blog. I was having a really rough time mentally and writing-wise, and then I went away for a few weeks and had very limited internet access. The point is, I'm back … Continue reading Impromptu hiatus– status update


I was originally going to call this post "Lee is always depressed and anxious and crying and a complete useless wreck who wants to die," but that title was too long. So instead, I decided to keep it pretty simple. Stress! What's more relatable than being stressed? What author hasn't experienced the nail-biting, lip-chewing, lying-awake-at-night-staring-at-the-ceiling-in-a-panic … Continue reading Stress