Announcement time

Hey everyone! So, I know I've been absolutely awful at remembering to update this blog, and I do promise that I'm trying to do better about it. The next post I upload will be writing-related, I swear. But I just need to tell you about something that's been sort of dominating my life for the … Continue reading Announcement time


Impromptu hiatus– status update

Hey guys! This isn't gonna be a very long post; I just wanted to apologise for the accidental hiatus that I took from the blog. I was having a really rough time mentally and writing-wise, and then I went away for a few weeks and had very limited internet access. The point is, I'm back … Continue reading Impromptu hiatus– status update


I was originally going to call this post "Lee is always depressed and anxious and crying and a complete useless wreck who wants to die," but that title was too long. So instead, I decided to keep it pretty simple. Stress! What's more relatable than being stressed? What author hasn't experienced the nail-biting, lip-chewing, lying-awake-at-night-staring-at-the-ceiling-in-a-panic … Continue reading Stress

Hey guys! 

I mean, it's not like there's anyone who reads my blog to care, but I'm back from my one-month hiatus that I forgot to publish the post telling you all about. I'll be back with another proper post soon. Thanks to anyone who stuck with me, and whatever happens, just keep writing.