Keeping Going

There's been a lot of talk in the writing community in particular and the world in general about how to keep going when things get miserable and the world as we know it starts to crumble against the repeated assaults of authoritarian fascism and the increasing courage of racist, misogynistic bigots. (Yes, I'm one of … Continue reading Keeping Going

Learning “History”

This piece is going to be a little more intense and a little less polished than I usually like to make my posts, but I think this is something that it's important to talk about. It's also going to be talking a lot about my personal experience in specifically history classes, and the way white privilege influences … Continue reading Learning “History”

Hey guys! 

I mean, it's not like there's anyone who reads my blog to care, but I'm back from my one-month hiatus that I forgot to publish the post telling you all about. I'll be back with another proper post soon. Thanks to anyone who stuck with me, and whatever happens, just keep writing.