Monsters In Power

Hey everyone.

As I’m sure anyone in the US already knows, the Kavanaugh confirmation went through. I’m still kind of reeling. I mean, I expected it, mostly. But… a part of me hoped.

That’s not actually the point. The point is, a lot of our fiction is starting to become reality. Ignoring the rapists on the Supreme Court and in the White House (which we shouldn’t, but I guess we have to) our entire nation is still falling seemingly unstoppably into fascism.

Which is why I wanted to make a plea that I know you’ve seen a thousand times before and I know you’ll see a thousand times again, but still bears repeating all the same:


Vote in November. Vote in your local elections, vote for your mayor and your state lawmakers and your federal Congresspeople. Vote for the person who won’t let another Kavanaugh onto the Supreme Court. Vote for the person who will try to stop Trump. Vote for someone who is not perfect, who you don’t love, who doesn’t connect with you. Vote, because the other option is another two or six or who-even-knows-how-many more years of this hellscape.

Vote for the people who still can’t. I won’t be eighteen until January. I can’t vote in this election. Vote for me, for people like me, people who have encountered Brett Kavanaughs and Donald Trumps and now have to deal with the knowledge that their abusers hold power over them in the most formative years of their lives. Vote for every person on Earth who hasn’t been believed, who has fought against hate, who has tried their best to just live their damn lives and had them torn apart again and again by these people and people like them, people who support them.

Vote for all of us. We’re counting on you. Our country, our future, is counting on you. If your state is safe? Vote. If your state is overwhelmingly red? Vote. If you’re convinced that your one little vote won’t matter? Fucking vote anyways. This is not the time for pessimism. This is the time for action.

With that being said, this is also a lovely time for escapism. I’ll be posting my short fiction that I discussed in the last post throughout this next week. If you need a moment in a world more magical and less complicated and horrifying than ours, feel free to take a look. Take care of yourselves. You can’t fight the rest of the world if you’re already fighting yourself.

And don’t forget to vote.

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