Announcement time

Hey everyone!

So, I know I’ve been absolutely awful at remembering to update this blog, and I do promise that I’m trying to do better about it. The next post I upload will be writing-related, I swear. But I just need to tell you about something that’s been sort of dominating my life for the last four months.

I just came out as trans and gender fluid. I’ve changed my name to Lee, and I use they/them pronouns now. So… if you could use those, that would be wonderful.

Thank you all for being so patient through this absolutely chaotic time, and like I said, I should be producing content regularly again soon.

The point is, I’m still me. I’m still the same idiot that I was before I chopped off all my hair and started wearing different clothes. And I’ll still be writing for as long as I can foresee. And you, dear reader, whether trans, cis, or somewhere in between, remember to just keep writing.

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