Writer’s Block

Hey everyone!

This is my first proper post, and so I figured that I would tackle that eternal struggle faced by just about every writer I’ve ever met at one point or another; writer’s block. In this post, writer’s block is going to be defined as when you have a work in progress and you have no motivation/ideas to continue writing. This is not about if/when you’re struggling to generate ideas in the first place. Gods, I sound like an entitled, first-world asshole. “Yes, the worst problem I face on a daily basis is my writing doesn’t always write itself.” Excuse me, Alindra, your white American-ness is showing. I am terrible. But that’s not the point of this post. 

Now, obviously, I’m not going to eliminate writer’s block in one post. But I would like to say something about it. Since literally no one reads this yet, it’s mostly just for me to parse out my issues with this. I love writing, and yet there are times (typically in the middle of the WIP) that I struggle to push forwards. But why? 

My unprofessional opinion is that it has to do with how exciting the project is for me. At the beginning, I have a whole new world and new characters and the project is new and exciting. I’ve planned the end the whole time, and it’s an exciting triumph. But the middle is none of that. In the middle, my characters are failing and suffering and growing, and it’s usually a lot less fun to write. I personally tend to struggle with character arcs and other such middle-heavy things, and it makes the biggest portion of my projects the hardest to write. So how does one get past this? 

Obviously, one thing you can do is just to plan a whole bunch of interesting things to write in the middle. The more fun you have writing something, the more fun other people will have reading it– also, writing in general is more fulfilling when you’re having fun doing it. 

Another option is to talk to someone about the part that you’re stuck on. I’ve always found that talking to someone about my project, whether they be my beta readers or friends or just anyone who will listen, can really help to unstick the story gears in my brain and free me up to write more. 

Something else you can do is to just skip the part that you’re having trouble with. I don’t usually do this except for during NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), since skipping something doesn’t make it any easier for me to write and I typically have even less motivation to fix it after having finished the project, but if you just cannot figure out what to write, then skipping over it might be the option for you. 

I’m sorry that this post sounded so much like a high school essay (I just had to write three of those, so that’s sort of the mode that my brain is functioning in right now). The point is that I hope this was of some use to anyone who may be struggling with writer’s block. And remember, whatever happens, just keep writing. 

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