Hi. My name is Alindra Lambert. I write under A. S. Lambert, and at this point in time have very few publications with which to back up all of the unsolicited writing advice that I’m going to post on this blog, which to be quite honest I will probably forget about in two days anyways. Ideally, I’ll be posting about things that I tend to struggle with as a writer, because I figure if I’m struggling, so is someone else, most likely, and it might be a good idea to share how I get through these things. I’ll also be talking about pretty much anything writing-related (and potentially a couple of non-writing-related things) in my life, and like I said, this is all entirely unsolicited and will likely be abandoned in two days, but I figure I’ll at least pretend to be a responsible full-time writer. Thanks for reading my long-winded introduction rant. And whatever happens, just keep writing.

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